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Hacxx Hacker Quiz - Common Hacker Forum Robot Questions


8 Nis 2018
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Common Hacker Forum robot questions...
This questions and answers are taken from multiple forums while trying register in them...

Question: How much is 2 + 2?
Answer: 4

Question: What's the name of the president of USA (2020)?
Answer: Donald Trump

Question: What's the name of the president of Russia?
Answer: Vladmir Putin

Question: What's the name of the president of Turkey?
Answer: Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Question: What the chemical formula of Cocaine?
Answer: C17H21NO4

Question: Are you a spammer?
Answer: No

Question: 7+5=
Answer: 12

Question: Who is the most famous pop star in Turkey?
Answer: ajdar

Question: What is the capital of Turkey?
Answer: Ankara

Question: What is xvideos?
Answer: Temple of goddess

Question: 1000/5=?
Answer: 200

Question: Name one of the most popular GUI for Linux?
Answer: Gnome

Question: Calculate: seventeen plus one thousand thirty five?
Answer: 17+1035 = 1052

Question: What kind of program would you use to protect your operating system or network from unauthorized access?
Answer: Firewall

Question: What was the very first crypto currency ever created?
Answer: Bitcoin

Question: Calculate: fourteen from the amount of days in a leap year. Write your answer as digit.
Answer: 352

Question: 6*2
Answer: 12

Question: 3+2
Answer: 5

Question: How many letters are in "test"
Answer: 4

Question: Abbreviation of Chaos Computer Club?
Answer: CCC

Question: Solve the 5*5-5:
Answer: 20

Question: What is the name of the person who banged the young wife of Adnan Ziyagils? (In Turkish)
Answer: Behlül

Question: 96+50
Answer: 146

Question: 3463 + 3864 =
Answer: 7328

Question: What is x? 5+3*x=8
Answer: 1

Question: What is x? 5+x=150
Answer: 145

Question: Enter the year of the first moon landing.
Answer: 1969

Question: What letter does the name of the capital of Poland begin with?
Answer: W

Question: What is the speaking language of Germany?
Answer: German

Question: The city where Atatürk was born? (In English)
Answer: Thessaloniki

Question: Write down Anonymous ;)
Answer: Anonymous

Question: 54+54
Answer: 108

Question: 2X1О+IO=?
Answer: 2*10+10=20+10=30 (30)

Question: 5+7
Answer: 12

Question: 74-25
Answer: 49

Question: Capital de Quintana Roo (Mexico):
Answer: Chetumal

Question: Capital de Nuevo León (Mexico):
Answer: Monterrei

Question: What is 6 + 9?
Answer: 15

Question: O rio que passa em Coimbra é o Mondego, Tejo ou Douro?:
Answer: Mondego

Question: What is 2+7?
Answer: 9

Question: What this number combination is a Leet Number (666 999 31337 65535 1024):
Answer: 31337

Question: Shkruaj shkronjen e parafundit te fjales KOSOVA?
Answer: V

Question: Emri i diktatorit shqiptar me mbiemer Hoxha?
Answer: Enver

Question: Who is President of USA ? Answer is (Biden)
Answer: Biden

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